Could your quiz use a little magic?

Learn five "magic trick" strategies that will take your quizzes to the next level. 

Quiz Conversion Magic is a 27-minute video training showing you advanced techniques for turning quiz takers into customers. From creating a wonderment moment to using sleight of hand to make your quiz seem like it's reading quiz takers' minds, sprinkle some magic dust onto your so-so quiz and watch your conversions soar.

Just $47

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Includes private podcast version, full transcript, and PDF of slides, so you can consume the content in whichever way best suits your learning preferences and lifestyle.

My favorite item of the package I bought was the Quiz Conversion Magic Masterclass because it pointed out the pitfalls (such as creating a quiz that is too obvious, boring, rollercoaster etc.) and how to create an engaging quiz instead.

Beate von der Osten

Hi, I'm Katie Hart.

I’ve loved quizzes as long as I can remember! I’ll admit there were more than a few quiz results posted on my MySpace page 15 years ago, and I was fascinated by the structure behind them. In addition to quiz strategy, I bring nearly two decades’ worth of personality study (Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and more) to help you get to know potential clients and customers at a deeper level through your quiz. Let me show you how to amplify your business using quizzes!

Katie knows what she’s doing and is my go to person for quizzes! Highly recommended!

Susi Kaeufer
Business and Mindset Coach