Terms and Policies

The following terms and policies apply when purchasing free and paid products from Katie Hart, Create Wherever, and Quite Katie.

For Katie Hart's full privacy policy, follow this link.

By purchasing an item or entering your details for a free item, you will be subscribed to Katie Hart's email list. You can unsubscribe at any time, but you may not receive notices of product updates after unsubscribing.

At any point, you may contact Katie Hart at hello@createwherever.com or at 11 Vilsack Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15223, USA to have your personal information removed from our system. Katie is not responsible if this removal revokes your access to the free or paid products you have purchased.

Katie Hart is the copyright owner for all products purchased through her websites, unless otherwise stated. This copyright does not transfer to you when you make a purchase.

Your full name, email address, and (if a paid item) credit card details via PayPal or Stripe will be collected to complete and fulfill your purchase. Certain products or services may require additional details from you.

Products and Services that are hosted on my community, Quizzes with Katie, will require a profile setup, which includes a profile photo. You can provide a photo of yourself, your pet, another photo you have taken, or even a blank image if you prefer.

Products and Services are being provided as is. Typos and other human errors may exist.

Returns are not allowed for digital products and online services, unless a particular item specifies a different return policy.

Payment plans may be offered as a convenience to you. If you do not pay all installments of a payment plan, your access to your purchase will be revoked.

Please download any downloadable digital products you purchase as soon as you purchase them. While you should be able to access your purchases up to a year later, that is not guaranteed. If you have trouble downloading your purchases, please contact hello@createwherever.com for assistance. Katie Hart is not responsible should data loss cause an item to be unavailable after downloading. Please back up your purchases.

Courses, masterclasses, and other programs may occasionally move to a new platform for better user experience. Students will be notified via email about the platform change, and will need to create a new login for the new platform. Students who have unsubscribed may not receive these notifications, but at any time may reach out to hello@createwherever.com if they have trouble accessing their purchase(s), and will be directed to the new platform to create an account and receive access to their purchase(s).

You are given the rights to use these digital products within your own business (for you and up to 4 additional team members) or for personal use (for you and other members of your household). Any other unauthorized sharing and/or selling of these digital assets is strictly forbidden.