Are you looking to create a passive email list builder for your business, but you also want it to be personalized and interactive? You need a Pinterest quiz funnel!

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How Pinterest's recent changes affect your funnel

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Advanced Pinterest quiz funnel techniques

I show travel creators, travel influencers, travel agents, and bloggers how they can travel with their communities. And, oh my gosh, quizzes have been working like gangbusters for me. I'm so glad that I did Katie's masterclass and that I've taken her other courses. I'm basically gonna do everything she puts out as long as I have the time for it because it is working so well.

Travel Creator & Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Katie Hart.

I’ve loved quizzes as long as I can remember! I’ll admit there were more than a few quiz results posted on my MySpace page 15 years ago, and I was fascinated by the structure behind them. When I started my Pinterest business in 2018, I included a quiz. To create this guide, I drew on my 5+ years of Pinterest management the thousands of students I've helped in my quiz programs to design an evergreen funnel that works.

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