You had big dreams when you started your business. It was going to give you a flexible schedule, improve your income, let you travel, give you more time with family, etc.

When did it just turn into another job?

If you’ve been feeling a bit of drudgery seep into your business life, it doesn’t have to be that way. This is your business - run it the way you like!

Professional does not have to equal boring.

In this course, you’ll explore numerous ways to infuse happiness into your business, benefiting both you and your clients.

Don’t think of this as a to-do list, but more a buffet of options for you to choose from. Some won’t resonate with you - and that’s perfectly fine. Others may spark new ideas.

Ready to build your business around what you want?

Just $9

The Happiness Toolkit currently has 18+ lessons live. Additional lessons will continue to be added in 2023.

The Happiness Toolkit - a mindset course disguised as a handy resource to grab whenever your business starts to feel like a job you hate.

"Wow, thank you so much Katie. This is so thorough and it’s SO CLEAR you know your stuff. Very grateful for all of your feedback!"

Kara Latta
The Playful Warrior, 1-on-1 Quiz Client

Hi, I'm Katie Hart.

While my current business started in 2017, I've been on an entrepreneurial journey since childhood. From bread baking to freelance writing, hand-stitching dollhouse dolls to mining resumes, I always had a feeling my life path wouldn't be very typical. Now I split my year on opposite sides of the Atlantic as I support my Pinterest and quiz clients and students in between touring castles and walks along the beach. I can't wait to help you infuse more joy into your business as you embrace being authentically you.

What you'll get:

Access to the first 18+ lessons immediately and additional lessons as they are created.

Lifetime access

All course updates

Text-based course that will likely have audio or video options in the future

Access to my student community

What you won't get:

A tick-the-boxes approach to happiness - this course is all about figuring out what makes YOU happy, and then infusing that into your business

Extensive 1-on-1 support (although you can ask me questions and DM me privately within the student community)